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Jan 02, 2017 nxt and wwe announcer tom phillips tweeted on sunday night that asuka just put herself into the record book at the longestreigning nxt womens champion of all time. New day have been unbeatable and look set to become the record holders for longest ever wwe tag team title reign. In july 2003, the title was commissioned to be a secondary championship on the smackdown. The wwe womens championship was a womens professional wrestling championship in the. Since that original titles inception, lita, trish stratus and many other great names have enjoyed reigns atop the womens division. Nov 18, 2019 this is the longest balance transfer weve seen. Michelle mccool championship held women slength of longest reign 217 days besting maryse s reign by a single day, the 9th place entry on the list is former wwe diva and wife of the undertaker. Alexa bliss has the longest combined reign at 398 days 396 days as recognized by wwe. This past week saw bayley surpass charlotte flair with the longest single reign with the blue. Ranking most likely superstars to beat becky lynch for wwe. Asuka set a very important nxt record on new years day. Page 2 10 longest title reigns in wrestling history. The title was renamed the raw womens championship following the 2016 wwe brand extension draft. The iiconics celebrate becoming the longest reigning defending wwe women s tag team champions.

Asuka and kairi sane made their way into the records books on tuesday, as the kabuki warriors officially became the longestreigning wwe womens tag team champions. Three months later, wwe would reintroduce the brand extension on july 19 and wwe women s champion charlotte would be drafted to the raw brand, making the women s title exclusive to raw leaving smackdown without a women s championship yet again for the second time in history. The actual wwe women s championship was replaced in 2010 by the divas championship. The following list shows the top 10 longest womens championship reigns in wwe history. She remains the longest reigning champion in wwe, having held her title just a few days shy of a full year. Wwe raw womens champion becky lynch now goes in the record books as the longestreigning raw womens champion in company history. The undertaker is wwe s longest reigning scary gimmick, and balor is one of wwe s latest. Wwe wrestlemania 35 predictions in light of the fallout. For the sake of the article i have chosen to recognize all wwe women s championship reigns and all wwe divas. All told, sammartino s two reigns as wwe champion totaled more than a decade, with his longest reign clocking in at an astounding 2,803 days. The longest title reign is owned by the new day, who held it for 483 days. The wwe divas championship was a women s professional wrestling championship in the wwe promotion.

Now including both raw and smackdown women s championship histories. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport, or any sport for that matter. Ambrose was a part of the shield when he won the title on may 19, 20, and along with his brothers, he had a dominant run with the title until he dropped it to sheamus a year later. Make sure this fits by entering your model number now kids can take home the excitement of wwe and its ultimate badge of honor the raw women s championship. The wrestler with the most reigns as world heavyweight champion is john cena with. Jan 31, 2014 the shields lunatic fringe answered nearly every challenge to his championship, whether by hook or by crook, for 351 days until he was defeated by sheamus in a battle royal for the title on raw. Sisterhood of the squared circle presents the fascinating history of womens wrestling, from the carnival circuit of the late 1800s to todays hugely popular matches. Cm punks recordsetting wwe title reign broken by nxt. When the queen of spades eventually joins the main roster, wwe needs to book her at the top of the card, and a title win over the most popular women s champion in a long. Wcw s world championship was often passed around like a hot potato. This ranged from world title reigns to tag team title reigns and midcard titles as well. Effort post the longest reigning champions in history. Moolah had the longest reign by holding it for 10 years, although the wwe considers it. Current wwe champions 2020 list your ultimate guide.

This trophy item comes with sleek authentic styling, a white leatherlike belt and a onetime adjustable feature to fit around the waist of any child six years of age or older. Seth rollins holds the distinction of the most reigns with different belts, twice being intercontinental champion and raw tag team champion. Here is a look at the longest title reigns from the ruthless aggression period in wwe, which lasted from 2002 until 2007. It was the only women s championship in the wwe until smackdown created the wwe divas championship as a counterpart title in july 2008. Jan 11, 2019 overall, the average title length was 31 days. The kabuki warriors set new record as wwe womens tag team. Who are the longestreigning champions in wwe history. This is the title history of the wwe raw tag team championship.

Her wwe womens title reign officially lasted for an insane 10,170 days from sept. Briefly including the 247 title, dash wilder and scott dawson holds the distinction of the most reigns with different belts, holding the green belt. With only a womens title match worth watching, and even then, only for the historical significance of the end of the longest impact knockouts championship title reign in the history of the promotion. Page 2 the 5 longest wwe womens title reigns in history. Aug 20, 2018 now that he has the title, the reign is bound to be lengthy and rightfully so.

Jun 11, 2017 former wwe superstar cm punk has been out of the company for several years now, but his recordsetting wwe title reign has remained intact until now. Nia jax is the oldest champion, winning the championship at the age. History of all wwe womens divison championships combined. Wwe united states championshipchampion history pro. The smackdown women s champion closes out the year with a huge achievement, as bayley has the longest combined women s title reign of the blue brand.

Today, becky has officially beaten ronda s reign and is now the longest reigning raw women s champion, and is thus the longest reigning women s champion of the modern era postdiva era. But with regards to lesnar s lengthy title reign, wwe can. All nikki bellas divas championship defenses 2nd reign. Read your longest title reign from the story wwe preferences by xxsuplexcitybriexx b r i e with 5,508 reads. Brock lesnar passes cm punks modernera title reign. The official title history for the ecw world television championship. The longest single title reign and the longest combined title reigns. The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute. Top 10 longest reigning divas champions updated youtube. Sep 17, 2015 on monday 14092015, nikki bella lost to charlotte in a divas championship match on raw via disqualification. It is recognized as the top championship in the wwe the wrestler with the most reigns as world heavyweight champion is john cena with. Well, 434 days with the wwe title later the longest world championship reign in modern history until this year they finally stopped writing. And, if asuka does walk out of texas with the title, shell also be the longest reigning womens champ of the wwe s modern era, surpassing nikki bellas run with the divas championship 301 days.

Dont forget to like, comment or for more women s wrestling content subscribe to my channel. Smackdown womens champion bayley closes out 2019 with a huge. Nikki bella is still a long way off having the longest ever women s title reign. Top 10 combined reigns of the wwe divas championship weunivers usways.

The wwe raw women s championship is a wrestling championship in wwe competed for by women of the raw brand. With the womens championship heading to raw in the wake of the brand extension draft, shane mcmahon and daniel bryan introduced the smackdown womens championship for the blue brand with the first champion being crowned at wwe backlash on sept. See where time wwe champion randy orton ranks on this list of. The fabulous moolahs first reign is the longest reign, and is officially recognized to be. Daniel bryan ends aj styles 371day reign as wwe champion. As per wwe s official title history, the inaugural champion was the fabulous moolah, who defeated judy grable on september 18, 1956 moolah had the longest reign by holding it for 10 years, although the wwe considers it to be longer at 28 years, as title changes between 1956 and 1984 are not recognized by the promotion.

List of wwe champions simple english wikipedia, the free. The book is filled with questionable stuff like that. While brock lesnar s may be the longest reigning wwe world champion of the modern era, his underwhelming reign will have to conclude. The top 5 longest reigning wwe womens champions youtube. Who are the 10 longest reigning wwe world heavyweight. In this video we will count down the 5 longest wwe women s championship reigns. Wwe smackdown womens championship twm wrestling news. There have been a total of 30 recognized champions who have had a combined 59 official reigns. Whilst the match at survivor series is still fresh in people s minds, one average match shouldnt take away from how great becky s year has been. The champion with the single longest reign is bruno sammartino with a reign of 2,803 days. Former wwe tagteam champions the new day explain what this past year was like, including an inring segment with the rock and breaking the record for longest tagteam title reign. Some facts about the wwe womens tag team champions.

Counting down the five longest reigning women s champions in wwe history. The women of wwe lunge for the loot at mitb 2018 duration. The living legend defended against a neverending supply of lethal villains that included killer kowalski, gorilla monsoon and stan hansen. Wwe nxt the womens division in the midst of revival as. Every wwe champion ever, ranked by number of reigns photos. That led to some short title reigns but a few wrestlers managed lengthy runs. Sasha banks and bayley are the inaugural wwe women s tag team champions. Check out the california native s huge accolade here. Top 10 combined reigns of the wwe divas championship. Jan 06, 2017 7 things we want to see from wwes womens division in 2017. The title was introduced in 1963 by the thenworld wide wrestling federation wwwf.

Before, it was called the wwe tag team championship and was a smackdown championship. It was created on april 3, 2016 at wrestlemania 32 and was originally called the wwe women s championship. The word divas in the championship s name refers to the pseudonym wwe diva, which wwe used to refer its female. Due to champion s advantage, she retained her title and subsequently surpassed aj lee s former record of 295 days as champion, meaning nikki bella is now the longest reigning divas champion of all time. With the win, lynch continues a reign that started at last year s wrestlemania.

Ronda rousey takes on nia jax for the raw womens title and two ladder matches will decide who takes home the money in the bank briefcases. Effort post the longest reigning champions in history, according to wwe canon rewatching some 2001 shows, and i was reminded of rob van dams 23 month reign as ecw television champion, which was even at the time put over as the longest reign of any champion in north america in the 90s. It is recognized as the top championship in the wwe. There is also a disappointing lack of lucha libre aaa worldwide talent to freshen up some of the stagnation evident this episode. Nikki cross and alexa bliss defeated asuka and kairi sane to win the belts. Learn the five longest reigning divas champions in wwe history. This is a history of the longest reigning champions of wcw and ecw and wwe of course. Shayna baszler had a memorable run as nxt womens champion, till she was defeated for the title by rising talent rhea ripley last week. The championship was generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute scripted finishes rather than contend in direct competition.

The championship was generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants executed scripted finishes rather than contending in direct competition. May 03, 2017 one title defense before retiring months later doesnt make one a dominant champion. Wwe has maintained several womens professional wrestling championships since acquiring. Wwwfwwf wwe 1963 present, although the women s championship was established in 1956 tna 2002 present roh 2002 present. Im honestly still upset about her choking out bayley when she won the title in. Wwe raw womens championship simple english wikipedia. The wwe united states championship, is a professional wrestling championship contested for in and owned by the american promotion wwe. Styles forbear in many ways, cm punk was the kind of superstar a lot of prognosticators wrote off as a guy whose physical gifts might not translate to sustained success in wwe. With more than 100 wrestler profiles, find out how backstage politics, reallife grudges. And i think its for the most part, wasted potential because shes an overall good worker. Top 50 longestreigning world champions updated for 2018.

These are the women she passed in the record books to get there. Whats in store for shayna baszler after losing nxt womens. Nov 26, 2019 on tuesday lynch s reign as raw women s champion reached 232 days, breaking the previous record for longest single reign with the title previously set by ronda rousey at 231 days. List of wwe tag team championship reigns by length simple.

Champion title reign length days notes 1 the fabulous moolah. The greatest womens champions of all time bleacher. The wwe women s championship was a women s professional wrestling championship in the world wrestling entertainment wwe promotion. In reality, this was moolahs 7th reign, but because wwe does not recognize the title changes of the nwa world womens championship between 1956 and 1984, they recognize this as moolahs 3rd reign. Championship held women slength of longest reign 342 days at the time when alundra blayze first arrived into the wwe from wcw in 1993, the women s championship had been deactivated for nearly. Gutteridges wwe statistics series 2018 titles part 5 of 5. Wwe women s championship history part 2 20022010 duration. Becky lynch becomes longestreigning raw womens champion. Oct 18, 2012 the 10 greatest streaks or runs in wwe history. The following month, wwe would hold a women s wrestling tournament called the mae young classic, named after the late mae young. Baszlers reign as the champion lasted for 416 days. Nov 10, 2019 dean ambroses 351day run with the united states championship holds the record for the longest us title reign under the wwe banner. Mar 08, 2020 like all stories on wwe s backstage plans, nothing is set is stone until the match actually happens.

The preceding champions and the title changes between 1956 and when moolah. However, this title does not share the title history of the original women s championship. Nikki bella and the 5 longest reigning divas champions wwe. The iiconics celebrate becoming the longest reigning. On september 19, 2010, at night of champions, the women s championship was unified with the wwe divas championship, retiring the women s championship.

In selecting the top 50 longest reigning world champions, canadian bulldog s world poured through the records of more than 200 recognized world champions men and women in the following promotions. Along with the title s introduction came the announcement that wwe s female athletes would be known as superstars a status deserving of their history of extraordinary accomplishments. Becky lynch defeated shayna baszler to retain the raw women s championship at wrestlemania 36. Its only true that nobody could beat chyna for the wwe womens championship because she wasnt around for the last six months, essentially, of her seven month reign. Moolah had bought the rights to the nwa women s championship in the 1970s and sold the title to the thenwwf in 1984. Trish stratus championship held womens length of longest reign 448 days as a 7time womens champion, trish stratus officially holds the record for the most title reigns by a female. The 10 greatest streaks or runs in wwe history bleacher. Brock lesnar recently beat cm punks record as reigning wwe champion, but how does his reign measure against these legends.

Page 4 10 longest title reigns in wrestling history. Royal rumble 2017, ric flair might just find himself beat before long. She also holds the most combined days as champion at 287 days and counting. The wwe also consider the raw, smackdown and nxt titles to be world championships for their womens division.

This video got blocked worldwide, so i decided to update and reupload. The phenomenal ones second reign as wwe champion lasted 371. Jun 15, 2017 yet to be pinned or submitted in any way, asuka is in the midst of the longest title reign of any kind in nxt history and has held the nxt women s championship three times as long as any current. Wwe nxt womens division champion asuka has now held the title for 435 days. Champion in wwe history but where does the hound of justice rank among the most enduring united. The living legend bruno sammartino, an alltime wrestling. In 2018, the january royal rumble payperview would feature the firstever women s royal rumble match in the main event, which would be the. Wwe declares asuka the longest reigning womens champ in. Predicting how long sasha banks and bayley will be wwe. Becky lynch is officially the longest reigning raw womens. The 10 longestreigning wwe champions of all time wwe.

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