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Loren coleman writes in the wonderful and fascinating book, mysterious america that several years ago, an expedition of massachusetts archaeologists discovered an 8,000 yearold indian burial site on grassy island in the hockomock swamp. The greatest boxing match ever, was not contested in a slick las vegas f. A portion of a trail near the hockomock swamp in easton. Author and researcher kevin foster talks about his bigfoot experiences, and the highstrangeness in and around the hockomock swamp including pukwudigies, thunderbirds, massive snakes, and more his interest in the area has inspired a fictional book titled. When the tales being told, are being iterated in one of the most haunted places in the world, the stories get even icier. Children are having grand mal epileptic seizures, but diagnostic tests are showing no abnormal brain patterns even when hooked up to electrodes while experiencing a seizure. Bridgewater triangle photo gallery hockomock swamp. Roughly bounded by the towns of rehoboth, freetown, and abington, the area includes the hockomock swamp wildlife management area and the freetownfall river state forest. The spooky stories from this region range from fascinating and amusing to. Bridgewater triangle, massachusetts legends of america. The oldest of the group tells a story that could be called the cold fingers of death. Massachusetts locals know that the bridgewater triangle is the site of many paranormal occurrences. This is the story of metacom or king philip whose ghostly silhouette still freely roams the dark murky waters of the hockomock swamp.

The hockomock swamp bridgewater triangle cryptozoology. Bigfoot in the bridgewater triangle sasquatch chronicles. How massachusetts came to have its own bermuda triangle copy link facebook twitter reddit flipboard pocket the hockomock swamp, or place. The cursed forest of massachusetts mysterious universe.

As an alternative, the kindle ebook is available now and can be read on any. Internet archive book imagesflickrno known restrictions. Uncover many secrets of the hockomock swamp and the bridgewater triangle and learn of the firsthand accounts of a cold presence, black shadows, a floating blue orb, a mysterious electronic blackout, strange vortexlike forces, and many more unexplained, jawdropping experiences. The hockomock swamp is the largest freshwater swamp in massachusetts. Haunted hockomock swamp documentary bridgewater triangle. The hockomock swamp, named the devils swamp by the original english. We recommend that the link be hidden as one or two words in the story or as an x. Mysterious hockomock swamp a vortex to the unknown in. Bill russo survived a puckwudgie from the bridgewater triangle. The hockomock swamp beautiful and dangerous easton, ma. This 16,950acre 6,859 ha land is considered the largest freshwater swamp in the state.

How massachusetts came to have its own bermuda triangle. Because of its size, it is a unique and irreplaceable wildlife habitat. Hockomock swamp central to the area is the mysterious and largely untouched hockomock swamp, which means the place where spirits dwell, and which was called the devils swamp by early settlers. Night shyamalan, meets a steamy romance novel with a touch of historical trivia. Supernatural suspense, paranormal romance, historical fiction book the haunting of the hockomock swamp written by h. During the seventeenth century, the hockomock swamp was used as a fortress by the wampanoag, the predominating tribe of natives in.

Home to a mysterious 8,000 yearold native american burial ground, when discovered by. A roottostalk guide to the souths favorite produce southern living by rebecca lang. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading swamp tales. These boundaries were first defined by cryptozoologist and folklorist loren coleman, who coined the term bridgewater triangle in his 1970s book, mysterious america. Horrors from the hockomock swamp and the cape cod marshes. Thus, the terms hockomock and hobomock became interchangeable among non natives when referring to the swamp or the spirit. Thus, the terms hockomock and hobomock became interchangeable among nonnatives when referring to the swamp or the spirit. The haunting of hockomock swamp is a rollercoaster of a story in the best possible ways. Some residents of whats been called americas bermuda triangle have. Within the hockomock swamp, there have been reports of dancing orbs of light, raptors with 12foot wingspans, snakes the size of stovepipes, redhaired orangutans, ravenous redeyed cats.

Photos of locations in the bridgewater triangle including the mysterious hockomock swamp, a 6,000acre wilderness area in southeastern massachusetts that is the subject of many strange stories and legends. Tales of terror bridgewater triangle 2019 zenescope comic books. This story started with one of the best introductions i have ever had the pleasure of reading. The triangle also contains several indian burial grounds, as well as significant sites used by both natives and colonists during king philips war, 6 which is said by some to be the source of. Its the kind of novel that sweeps you up and takes you on an unforgettable journey of. He wrote that the bridgewater triangle encompasses the towns of abington, rehoboth and freetown at the points of the triangle, and brockton, whitman, west bridgewater, east bridgewater, bridgewater, middleboro.

Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Recycled ghost stories get passed between friends at parties along with claims of sighting a thunderbird soaring over the canopy, big foot crashing through the swamp, or lights of a ufo hovering over the carriage trail before disappearing in to the ether. Bridgewater triangle film cites litany of mysteries. It acts as a natural flood control mechanism for the region.

As a huge lover of paranormal stories and novels, i am in constant search of a new interesting, fascinating read. Hockomock swamp for those of you who dont know, the hockomock swamp is one of the most bizarre regions of massachusetts. Much of the triangle is home to the hockomock swamp, an oh so. The sighting is also part of the paperback and amazon kindle book, the creature from the bridgewater triangle. It is also the location of at least rare and endangered species. Located in southeastern massachusetts, in the region that famed cryptozoologist, loren coleman dubbed the bridgewater triangle, the swamp truly is. Horrors from the hockomock swamp and the cape cod marshes kindle edition by russo, bill. This time the stories are fiction and yet these yarns come from a place where real and unreal collide and exist in an uneasy truce in the same space. Such is the case with the offerings in this short book. Some of the creatures said to be spotted here are giant, pterodactyllike creatures, giant, redeyed dogs that attack ponies, and the glowing eyes of unseen creatures hovering in. See more ideas about hockomock swamp, supper club and. Every day, as the story progresses, more children are affected by the phenomenon.

The original hockomock was a vast wet and wooded area of 6,000 or more acres, perhaps as much as 10,000 acres, but, over three centuries of immigrant occupation, it has been bisected by roads, power lines, and a railroad line, and the perimeter has. This is the true story of the area of southeastern massachusetts. Specific boundaries of the bridgewater triangle were first defined by cryptozoologist loren coleman who coined the term in the 1970s, and then in his book mysterious america. It takes place mostly in the area of the hockomock swamp, which is a spooky place that lies within the even scarier, bridgewater triangle. Supernatural occurrence studies sos and the podcast venture into the infamous hockomock swamp inside the bridgewater triangle in southeast massachusetts. Much like a ghost town of the old west, the ghost farm is a spooky collection of abandoned barns, and small buildings, automobiles, and wire. Giant birds, bigfoot, giant snakes, pookas, and other monsters are said to live in the area. This wellwritten story is fastpaced, sharp, lush, and vivid in imagery. My boyfriend lives right across the street from lake nippenicket, in bridgewater massachusetts. Hockomock swamp supper club and desserts emporium is dedicated to those who love to eat at restaurants. Hockomock swamp, named by native americans, means place where the spirits dwell. Strange days in the hockomock swamp find kevin on facebook. When the graves were opened, the red ochre within the tombs allegedly bubbled and dissolved mysteriously. Creepy stories and theories about the bridgewater triangle ranker.

This book s update and overview is the most comprehensive yet written about this case. The hockomock swamp is a vast wetland encompassing much of the northern part of southeastern massachusetts. The hockomock swamp is a vast natural and scenic area. Bridgewater beasts are in monsters of massachusetts. Fx creating series based on bridgewater triangle, an alleged. Fx creating series based on bridgewater triangle, an. According to the massachusetts historical commission, the archaeological sites in the vicinity of this wetland complex are known to span a period of. Youtube channel, or author page is acceptable in your story as long as it is not a fundraising site, sales site, book promotion or mailing list.

Hockomock swamps beasties there is no area in new england more bizarre than massachusetts fabled bridgewater triangle that overlaps with the hockomock swamp. In his book history of the hockomock, local wildlife and conservation journalist ted williams wrote that, during the ceramic or woodland. We both decided that after we saw the documentary 2. In his book history of the hockomock, local wildlife and conservation journalist ted williams wrote that, during the ceramic or woodland period from about 300 ad to colonial times, native americans depended on the swamp as an abundant source of game, and also worshiped it. It is said to be filled with giant snakes, sightings of ufos. Devils swamp is an award winning call of cthulhu adventure book for 7th edition. Next up, the ultracreepy hockomock swamp, a 5,000 acre swamp smack dab in the western part of the bridgewater triangle. It comprises almost 17,000 acres spread across parts of easton, bridgewater, norton, raynham, taunton, and west bridgewater. The hockomock swamp the list of weirdness to be found within hockomock swamp encompasses everything from ghosts, to ufos, to strange beasts lurking within its depths. Dayhikers have spotted ufos and ghosts, and police have found evidence of satanic cult practices. See more ideas about bridgewater triangle, paranormal and hockomock swamp. Also the site of an 8,000yearold native american burial ground, when archaeologists opened the graves of grassy island, the red ochre within the tombs bubbled and then mysteriously disappeared.

Fx creating series based on bridgewater triangle, an alleged hotbed of paranormal activity. Check out this story on the bridgewater triangle and dont forget to sign up. Four young friends gather at a summer camp near the eerie hockomock swamp. For more than a decade i lived a few hundred yards from the hockomock swamp and i had no idea that there were monsters in it. I have been a huge fan of the bridgewater triangle and the hockomock swamp stories for awhile now. Creepy stories and theories about the bridgewater triangle. Hike along a 10mile outandback, starting at the pavillion 12 miles north of new bedford. Tower brings the area to life in such a vivid fashion that the book proves to be nearly as. Hockomock means devils swamp or place where evil spirits dwell in algonquin, coleman said in his introduction to the 2008 book ghosts of the bridgewater triangle by christopher balzano. The haunting of the hockomock swamp is my new 2015 favorite paranormal read. Kline is an interesting novel about a strange epidemic of children between the ages of 6 and 10 who have been diagnosed with eeg in a small area of massachusetts and a journalist, janie, who exposes their stories to the community.

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